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❶Extensive studies have shown that mass media have always influenced the political process, but never more so than with the innovation of the television. Worst campaign video ever?

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The exhibition will be open to the public from 11am—4. The current Gertrude Studio Artists are: Read the full details of this exhibition here. Glasshouse will be open to the public at select times to view the exhibition outcome.

There will also be two public events and performances. See the full schedule below:. Gertrude Glasshouse is a wheelchair accessible venue. Visitors with wheelchairs and strollers are recommended to arrive via Rokeby Street.

Main Gallery, Gertrude Contemporary. He will also focus on his work at MOA since then, focusing on the challenges of collaboration. Jordan Wilson is a Vancouver-based emerging curator and writer. Thursday 29 September, 6—7. Main Gallery, Gertrude Contemporary: Gertrude Contemporary is thrilled to host the third free lecture in the TarraWarra Biennial Endless Circulation Lecture Series.

It will read recent political theory, art criticism and specific works by artists and writers. Astrid Lorange is a writer, editor and teacher from Sydney. She runs the talk series Conspiracy at Minerva Gallery, Sydney. Her book How Reading is Written: Andrew Brooks is a Sydney-based artist, writer, curator and organiser. His work explores the politics of systems and contemporary aesthetics in the extended age of crisis, and takes the form of texts, installations, performances, lectures and sound recordings.

Endless Circulation , click here. Gertrude Contemporary is thrilled to be one of the presenting partners for TarraWarra Biennial Tuesday 23 August , 6pm Speaker: Wednesday 14 September , 6pm Speaker: Thursday 29 September , 6pm Speakers: Sunday 23 October , 2pm Speaker: Saturday 29 October , 2pm Speakers: Endless Circulation opens on Friday 19 August.

For more information about the TarraWarra Biennial click here. There will be a fantastic schedule of public programs on the first full day of the exhibition, Saturday 20 August at TarraWarra Museum of Art. See the details here. Courtesy of the artist and Studio Masatotectures. Click here to listen to the recording of Beyond Rhetoric. Saturday 24 September Time: Free, but bookings essential.

Book your free tickets here. This forum will explore the role of the contemporary curator in light of the findings of the CoUNTess Report on gender equality in the arts. No longer bound by institutional space and often working independently, contemporary curating is a creative act.

Curators are seen as the drivers of artistic and critical discourse creating opportunities for intersections between disciplines, practices, audiences and exhibition making.

The panel will question and discuss if a gendering of opportunities occurs, contemporary curatorial approaches within the broader arts infrastructure, and what meaningful action looks like beyond rhetoric. This forum will be chaired by Dr. Hotel Windsor, Spring Street, Melbourne. The participating artists, dancers and choreographers include: Performance times will vary throughout each day. Gertrude Contemporary, Studio 18 upstairs Time: The evening will be convened by Camila Marambio. Cala Macchiavello will present a talk exploring how the fluctuating appropriations and reenactments made by Chilean artists of images of Tierra del Fuego since the s question identity, violence, and sovereignty.

In the midst of the military dictatorship, the bodies and landscapes of Tierra del Fuego and the southernmost regions of Chile were imagined by several artists as the margin incarnated—an ambiguous border inside and outside the nation where a battle of inscriptions took place.

Today they still act as signs of contested identities and haunting memories of a violent past. Gast provides a live voice-over for a video projection that was filmed in the fjords of Tierra del Fuego. We find ourselves inside an artisanal fishing boat during a storm, its creaking and rocking provides the rhythm for a song; the audience joins in. We are under water with a whale. The whale whispers, we learn its song. We are underwater collecting shellfish; we sing the forgotten song of the west wind.

She has published articles and essays on contemporary Chilean and Latin American art since the s with an emphasis on artistic practices aimed at social change. For more information click here. She is interested in places where there is evidence of conflict in human desires, and she traces, translates or mirrors those conflicts through her art practice.

Video still rough seas. Free 5 MAY 4. Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep , a zeitgeist-capturing book about the way that, in an age of the internet and labour precarity, we have lost our ability to switch off.

We are now all on hour call, living in a state of perpetual alert, best expressed — not only physically but poetically — by the thought that our lights are permanently on, that we are no longer able to turn them off and go to sleep. For to sleep is to be lost or to lose time, to fall behind, to drop out, to become unknown, not only to ourselves but more importantly in a world of mobile phones and twitter trendings to others as well.

Not only the world but we ourselves, no matter where we live, are now permanently awake, switched on, unable to do anything but carry on the way we began, our faces held up against the light. As Crary puts it in a resonant turn of phrase: The other work in the show is much the same — although it is much more elaborately expressed. We see in a series of large-scale photographs a group of men and women holding a motorbike up off the ground on a wooden support, almost as if it were a religious procession.

But what exactly is it they are doing? What could be the point of this strange ceremonial? It is at this attenuated latitude, apparently, that a rider on a good enough bike is able to travel at sufficient speed against the turning of the earth that they are able to remain in effect still, their shadow staying immobile under the gaze of the farway sun. It means that the earth is rushing by in a blur under the wheels of an unmoving motorbike, or put otherwise that the motorbike has to go at something like mph counter-clockwise in order to remain perfectly motionless.

It is a beautiful emblem of the utter pointlessness of art, so far ahead of the rest of the world in consuming all of that energy while remaining in the same spot. But perhaps in another way art forms a kind of Archimedean point, a pivot or fulcrum around which everything turns and from where we can reflect as though in a magical bubble upon all of that relentless activity around us. From meteorite to meteor — does art not trace something of the same trajectory, allowing us to float free, if only for a moment, from the weight of the world below us?

Gertrude Contemporary is pleased to announce the appointment of two new roles. For the last thirty years, Gertrude Contemporary has been instrumental in supporting artists within Australia, and has built a worldwide reputation as an influential centre for experimental contemporary art. As we prepare for our upcoming move to a new location, these new roles will be at the heart of our continued position as a highly regarded and integral part of the Australian arts community.

In relation to her departure, Emma states: Mark Feary brings to the role of Artistic Director a wealth of experience in curating, having worked within the visual art sector for fifteen years in a range of contemporary art centres, universities, museums and artist-led initiatives with an emphasis on contemporary art. He joins us following his position as Curator of Exhibitions and Australian Projects at the Australian Centre for Photography, after many years of curating at institutions such as Artspace, the CCP and West Space, as well as maintaining an independent curatorial practice.

With his dynamic breadth of experience throughout art institutions, Mark will be well placed to develop exciting new programs and exhibitions for Gertrude Contemporary, reinforcing our history of fostering emerging artists and experimental art. In response to his appointment, Mark said: Gertrude is the creative engine room of the visual arts in Australia, its alumni of exhibitors and studio artists is remarkable in its scope and critical contribution to culture and discourse across the past three decades.

This significant history is the vital foundation upon which the organisation has been built, but its fundamental asset is not the past; rather what it is yet to contribute to the future of contemporary art and thinking in Melbourne, Australia and in our expanded region. Prior to this, she worked as a Strategy and Operations Management Consultant for Deloitte, supporting client organisations across a range of industries to make strategic, financially robust business decisions and to grow their business models.

She said of her appointment: With an emphasis on allowing the students to work with an area that is part of their immediate environment and community, the project will take place on the football pitch centrally located in the Atherton Gardens housing estate, on Napier Street, Fitzroy. This work will be an ephemeral turf painting created by all the students from the school alongside Tully Moore, and aims to activate this particular space in ways yet to be explored, claiming a patch of turf within an area where gardens and open space are limited.

They will be joined by players Mohammed Amin and Faisal Aden, who are both Yarra Young residents with local teams, and Wilson Poni, current Yarra Young Citizen of the Year, who has played a leadership role in bringing young people together from across Fitzroy, Collingwood and Richmond housing estates. The students from Fitzroy Primary School will then participate in soccer matches against one another, wearing the uniforms that they have created in collaboration with Tully Moore.

This is a public event and all members of the community are invited to come along and join in. The clinics are for students of middle years. Open to the public, all welcome. The collective of artists come from diverse backgrounds and art practices, such as live video, synth building, hacker collectives, experimental music, traditional craft, fashion, bio-hacking, sculpture and live art.

This king from the twelfth century predicted many truths about the twenty-first century, such as the shift to e-commerce, the push for transgender marriage, the existence of parallel universes, environmental disasters, mistrust of religion, and the eternal battle between good and evil forces. Drawing on traditional Javanese systems of belief, this contemporary interpretation of Jayabaya prophesies will be presented within the framework of a subversive new pantomime using song, dance, and live electronic music and video.

View the Facebook event here. This talk argues that these delineations are critical to perceptions of climate change, and its uneven human causations and effects. Fundamental to this investigation is the claim that such delineations affect the ability to listen to, and take care of, the myriad and complex ecosystems of which humans are a part.

Grounded in research coming from the geo-humanities, this talk demonstrates that rather than being separate realms, the natural and social are deeply entangled and implicated in one another. As this talk emphasises, sound, as a medium that brings the world into proximity and envelops us, is uniquely placed to approach and communicate these critical, and ever more urgent, entanglements.

Her work focuses on the intersections of political economy and ecology, sound and social movements. She is primarily interested in the ways in which people strategise, antagonise and collaborate to create the living and working conditions they desire. Bringing into dialogue political economic theory with audio practices, she is engaged in the experimentation and invention of sound-based methods in the social sciences.

Gertrude Contemporary is delighted to announce the studio artists: These artists will enter the Gertrude Contemporary Studio Program in to join the ongoing group of eight artists in residence. The program, which consists of sixteen non-residential studios, is available for early to mid career contemporary artists and is provided in two-year tenures.

Studio Artists are given a unique opportunity to be at the heart of a high calibre network of artists, writers and visiting international curators. The annual Open Studios day is an exclusive opportunity to visit the sixteen studios upstairs, view works in progress, and meet with the artists. A series of cross-cultural exchanges between Gertrude Contemporary and colleague organisations, curators and artists throughout Asia, The Independence Project this year is held in partnership with Yogyakarta-based curators Kristi Monfries and Grace Samboh.

The project has been unfolding throughout , with iterations in Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Sydney, and Melbourne. The artists included in Part 1 were: Artists included in Part 2 are: The program, which consists of sixteen non-residential studios, is available to emerging and mid-career artists, and is provided for two-year tenures.

Gertrude Contemporary celebrates its 30th anniversary with a special fundraising event on the evening of Friday the 13th of November As part of the event, we are holding a silent auction with works generously donated by alumni artists: In addition, we are auctioning two Art—Dining Experiences. This Experience also includes an intimate in-conversation between Virginia Trioli and contemporary Australian artist, Bill Henson. For more details, download the pdf catalogue. As per tradition, the Gertrude Edition will be on display at the event.

Bids for the silent auction are now open, closing at 9pm on Friday the 13th of November. What kinds of emotional, affective and otherwise-hidden forms of unwaged labour hold up the art industry? To whom is this work relegated?

Following the discussion, DJ and artist Lisa Lerkenfeldt will play a selection of music taking inspiration from notions of anachronism and lesser-known female music histories. Drawing upon audible and not so audible projects by a variety of artists including Melissa Dubbin and Aaron S.

Amelia Barikin is a contemporary art historian currently living in Brisbane, Australia. She has worked as a writer and curator on numerous exhibitions and arts projects both independently and with broader cultural organisations, most recently with TarraWarra Museum of Art as co-curator of Pierre Huyghe: TarraWarra International with Victoria Lynn, and has published extensively.

Her book Parallel Presents: She is currently researching the relation between art and science fiction as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Art History at the University of Queensland, where she also teaches. Melissa Dubbin and Aaron S. Audio interviews, electroplated records, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, 22k gold, and texts contributed by an actress, an artist, a curator, a geologist, a hypnotist, a psychoanalyst, a singer and a writer after contact with the objects.

This event also includes a live performance by Duo, Alice Bennett and Vincent Giles, of music composed by Vincent Giles based upon soil surrounding Carlton Connect and year-old soil samples provided by Dr Tony Weatherley.

The event is ticketed , and runs from 6—7pm. The exhibition will run until October 10th. Galka ; the land rights documentary Wanga Watangumirri Dharuk ; and the stop-motion animation featured in Slide. The films will be screening in Studio 18 at Gertrude Contemporary between 5.

An interview with Ishmael about his practice, including his motivations for making Galka , is available here. Ishmael is currently a director, editor, and production officer at The Mulka Project in Yirrkala. He has worked on numerous cultural productions for the Yolngu including documentations of dhapi , bapurru , and other ceremonial events.

He is best know for his documentary on Yolngu land rights entitled Wanga Watangumirri Dharuk , which has screened at many festivals as well as a private screening with the East Timor President Ramos Horta. He has recently released his second film a drama depicting Yolngu sorcery entitled Galka. This film was launched to standing ovations at Garma Gertrude has sixteen low-cost artist studios available for artists living in Melbourne, and is currently accepting applications for the intake of Studio Artists.

General Information The sixteen non-residential studios located at Gertrude Contemporary are available to emerging and mid-career artists.

They range in size from 30 to 72 square metres. Submission Date Studios For studios becoming available in , please submit applications by Friday 11 September by 5. Applicants will be notified of outcomes by the end of November Eligibility All visual artists are eligible to apply, provided they are not enrolled in undergraduate or postgraduate study.

Applicants must treat studio rental responsibilities as a priority. Successful applicants are chosen on the basis of quality of work, perceived potential, and space requirements. The organisation also attempts to create a balance of media, gender and age in the studio artist community. One CV no more than one A4 page 3.

Visual materials see below 4. Image details and credits no more than one A4 page. Visual Materials Please submit work that has been completed in the past two years.

Material in excess of the limits below will not be viewed by the committee. Not accepted Slides, catalogues, photographs, colour photocopies, or any other printed material; VHS tapes; Powerpoint presentations; images saved in a PDF document. Decisions Selection is made by the Studio Selection Panel, whose members include gallery staff, a current studio artist, a member of the Board of Management, and two external arts professionals. Applicants will be advised of results in writing. Panel decisions are final and cannot be negotiated.

Please address submissions to: On the whole, the exhibition is an exercise in creating an atmospheric experience rather than a series of discrete objects. Working as a musician and sound artist, Coster has a particular focus on published audio releases and live performance. He uses a modular synthesizer, audio cassettes, and other electronics to create melodic and layered sound environments.

She plays with synths and keyboards, with an interest in improvisation and wonky electronic music. She plays in experimental synth band Video Ezy with Del Lumanta, who released a cassette earlier this year on Sydney label Paradise Daily.

His musical performances use analogue electronics, lights and various found sounds and are often improvisation. As a curator, Joel has been responsible for festivals, publications, exhibitions, screenings and concerts in Australia and internationally for over ten years. I see information around me, a writing workshop hosted by Gwynneth Porter with special guests— Thursday 27 August , 11am — 5. Those who gather for singing do so for themselves. Participants are encouraged to write freely in scraps and fragments, impressions and sketches, which will later be compiled as a written document of the exhibition itself.

In , she has taught in in art theory at Monash, and from to was the editor of Clouds, a visual arts press based in Auckland. Gertrude Contemporary is proud to announce the launch of a new off-site gallery and project space, Gertrude Glasshouse, which opens to the public on Friday, 24 July with an exhibition: What noise does a pig make?

The Glasshouse venture is supported by long-term Gertrude Contemporary patrons Michael Schwarz and David Clouston, who own the new venue. It is intended to be available for their transition period from their current premises to their next venture. For Gertrude Contemporary, Gertrude Glasshouse is a new and innovative approach in an ever-changing climate in the arts sector that will enable more responsive, nimble programming to complement the exhibitions and artist residency program at the Gertrude Street site.

Gertrude Glasshouse is an inspiring example of how partnerships can drive creative development and increase the capacity of the creative industries. Gertrude Contemporary is unique in Australia for its combination of studio and exhibition spaces, placing an equal emphasis on the production and presentation of cutting-edge contemporary art. More than just a space in which to work, the Gertrude studios are highly sought after by both emerging and mid-career artists for the opportunities they provide for mentorship, network development and exhibitions both in Australia and abroad.

Gertrude Glasshouse is an extension of the values of Gertrude Contemporary to support the development, production and presentation of new forms of artistic practice. Art Talking Melbourne - New Geographies. The Bogong Centre for Sound Culture warmly invites you to the launch of our latest output - a new publication New Geographies , cd series Topologies 1 and new website.

It is part of a series of projects facilitated by the BCSC focusing on the processes and impacts of sustainable energy production; effects of climate change in wilderness areas; ethnographic studies of remote communities; the chronicling of vanishing industrial procedures; and systems of representation used to render natural and built environments.

This CD is the first of a series that will be regularly produced to highlight the creative research occurring at the BCSC concentrating on the history and ecology of the Australian Alps, and attendant social and environmental issues. His practice is centred on connection to place, indigeneity, memory, erasure, queer possibility, body sovereignty, and multilingual plurality.

The Program provides a unique opportunity for emerging visual arts writers nation-wide to develop their writing practice, publish their work, and gain further insight into the field of contemporary art writing through a year-long mentorship with an established art historian, curator or writer.

Surely it means retaining a modicum of hope? But what is it to have hope in such dire political times? This double-approach carries with it an understanding that artists have the power and the right to have an encounter with politics today: This lecture will look at the problematic of how art might approach political questions in its continuing encounter with neo-liberal capitalism.

Her recent publications are: Daniel Cass has many years experience working in green politics and renewable energy. He has an honours degree in history of science and was Curator of Science and Society at Scienceworks. Dan was a member of the Melbourne art group Damp. He is an honorary associate at Sydney Business School.

Each speaker will present a short statement, followed by an open discussion. The broad thematic of the Independence Project is collective, collaborative and interdisciplinary practice.

Thoms and Wok interviewed numerous people who either attended the concert or are members of Indonesian Metallica fan clubs.

Their project suggests a trajectory from the riot to the student reformasi protests right up to the more recent election of Indonesian President Joko Widodo in , a proud metalhead who famously attended an August Metallica concert in Jakarta. On Wednesday June 3 at 6. Kate Newby The more I listen to it the more I love it , edition of 15 ink on paper 28 x The more I listen to it the more I love it concerns travel, interpretation and storytelling.

The edition consists of two A4 text works. To the south of the Church is Plaza Santo Domingo, a district populated with scribes who often produce written documents for illiterate clients. The district is also renowned for the production of false documents.

Since then, Newby has returned several times to create new text works of which The more I listen to it the more I love it is the latest.

Newby repeated the exercise a few days later with a different friend who did not modify her handwriting. On this occasion, the transcription tends to read: Recent group exhibitions include: Kate Newby, The more I listen to it the more I love it , San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Virginia was associated with Gertrude in its earliest stages, working alongside founding Director Louise Neri when the organisation launched in the early s.

Virginia re-joins Gertrude at a significant moment in our thirty-year history, as we relocate the organisation to a new home that enables us to dramatically expand the capacity and reach of our programs. As an independent, practice-based space for emerging and mid-career artists, Melbourne can be very proud of the continuing success of this place.

Our move to Collingwood to be part of a new arts precinct is a great vote of confidence by this and previous governments in the importance of local, creative work that can be appreciated by all Australians. At the heart of the organisation is its unique combination of artist studios and exhibition spaces, which enables an equal emphasis on the production and presentation of contemporary art.

Not just a studio, it was a launching pad into a community of artists, writers and curators who would come to set the agenda for contemporary Australian art. Across many artistic disciplines she has reported on and critiqued exhibitions, organisations and institutions. Atkins International Associates Inc. Atlantique Traduction, Nantes, France. Avalon Language Services Inc. Avec des Mots, Boulogne-Billancourt, France. BG Communications International Inc. Babel Media, Brighton, UK.

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Lipsie Languages, Avallon, France. Little Shop of Translations, Mortsel, Belgium. Logos Group, Modena, Italy. Lomer Translations and Interpreting Ltd. London Translations, London, UK. On a month-to-month basis, the monitor registered a reduction of 7. August was the second consecutive month of robust job search activity among professionals. Osborne Clarke, the international legal practice, announced that is growing its international team of staffing industry specialists with the appointment of new Partner Anna Elliot.

Anna is a dual-qualified specialist employment lawyer with a focus on the recruitment and staffing sector. With more than 14 years of experience she has advised several major staffing companies on a range of strategic, public policy and employment issues both in Australia and across Asia Pacific.

According to the firm, this newly created role supports the company vision in providing best in class workforce solutions to the global technical engineering industries.

Leonie joins Fircroft from global airline giant Thomas Cook where she was Human Resources Director and responsible for leading a strategic business transformation programme involving over 6, employees. Prior to Thomas Cook, Leonie was responsible for Talent Development at the Volkswagen Group, having spent over 16 years with the luxury automotive retailer, Bentley Motors.

Global executive search firm Boyden has added Morten Winther and Henrik Harbo as managing partners to lead its Denmark operations working in both Copenhagen and Aarhu. Additionally, Marika Grote will serve as a principal and head of research. Recruitment solutions firm Eames Consulting Group announced that it has appointed Daniel Navazesh as director of the contract and interim division in London. His responsibility covers change management, technology, risk, compliance and finance.

The number of temporary employees in South Korea decreased by 3. Meanwhile the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate stood at 4. The number of unemployed persons totalled 1. At the same time, the number of employed persons totalled According to the Bureau, unemployment increased by 5, to , in August. The number of unemployed persons looking for full-time work decreased by 7, to , and the number of unemployed persons only looking for part-time work increased by 13, to , Employment increased by 44, to Full-time employment increased 33, to 8.

During the same period the labour force participation rate increased by 0. Meanwhile, monthly hours worked in all jobs increased by 0. He also pointed out that digital disruption has already forced several universities to close in other countries. The urban surveyed unemployment rate in 31 major cities was 4. The surveyed urban unemployment rate is calculated based on the number of unemployed people who have participated in the employment survey in urban areas, including migrant workers in cities.

The dashboard worksheet allows you to examine rates and benchmarks by state and occupational group, as well as perform scenario analysis to calculate statutory expenses in dollars for various wage levels. The remaining tabs contain the complete data detail for each expense category for further analysis.

To download the workbook, please select the link below: In this webinar topics covered include: Select the play button to begin viewing. Growth in has been supported by cyclical expansion of the economy as well as the stimulus impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed at the start of this year. One headwind to temporary staffing market growth has been a scarcity of labor supply. Consequently, we are at last starting to see broadly but not universally reported signs of bill rate increases.

Further bill rate increases could support revenue growth and help offset any declines in volume due to labor scarcity. On pages , we provide our projections and commentary for each occupational segment of temporary staffing and for the direct hire and retained search markets. Performance not only varies by occupational segment, but also by location. To provide some local color, on pages , we summarize employment trends reported by each district of the US Federal Reserve.

On pages are our detailed summary tables of market size and growth. To download the complete report, please select the following link: This report identifies and categorizes specialist suppliers to staffing firms globally.

The Directory provides a comprehensive range of solutions and services that staffing firms may require to operate their businesses more efficiently and more effectively. More Research Become a Member.

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