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Government Grant Money Scams

Orlando woman sought in 30-state scam

❶Hi Tammy, as the blog post explains, that is a scam attempt.

Finding A Legitimate Grant Writer & Avoiding Scams

How the Grant Scam Works
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In seeking for grant writing services, you must take caution. You will shell out your hard-earned money. Here are ways to find out if the service is a scam.

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Finding A Legitimate Grant Writer & Avoiding Scams Legitimate grant writing consultants Do Not contact your organization through any means (phone, email, fax, etc.) to offer unsolicited services.

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Fake Grant Writers, Spammers, Scams, Community Spec’s Ryan Reeves, and Resource Associates July 3, Jake Seliger 1 Comment Attention grant writing consultants of the world: if you can’t even write your own website text, you’re not going to be very believable as a writer of any kind. Free Grant Writing Scams Examined If you're trying to start up a small business or raise money for a cause near and dear to your heart, chances are you've heard of free grant writing businesses. This article was written to serve as a warning against these and other grant-writing scams, so you don't give your money to crooks.

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Find more than complaints, scams, lawsuits and frauds reported for Grant Writing & Research companies on Services topic. Small Business Funding Company, Inc. Complaint Review: Small Business Funding Company, Inc. Grant Writing Service Scam Extremely Detailed and Well Organized Henderson, Nevada.