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❶Related Questions Yes homework or no homework? A rectangle has a length of 5.

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The temperatures shown are approximate. A sample of crude oil may be separated in the laboratory by fractional distillation. The collection vessel is changed as the temperature rises to collect the different fractions. Crude oil comes in hydrocarbons of different size such as short-chain hydrocarbon molecules and long-chain hydrocarbon molecules.

Different molecules can be converted into different fuels such as petrol and refinery gas. Crude oil can also be divided into various temperatures from incredibly high temperatures to room temperatures. Also remember that hydrocarbon is a mixture of hydrogen and carbon! I need help with my science homework? Answer Questions Big bang Theory Math question!? We have a woman who works here, and her mother had cancer. She drank the Kabbalaha water, and her cancer disappeared.

Charles Darwin was perhaps the greatest scientific figure of the nineteenth century. Yet he was more modest and unassuming than Yet he was more modest and unassuming than dozens of others whose accomplishments were as small as his were large. All that is required is noble taste. Second, you might have missed seeing a car that was going too Second, you might have missed seeing a car that was going too fast through the intersection.

Harold Brown was a vocal and very public critic of the way ABC ran its news operation. The obvious conclusion is that Disney canned him because of his criticisms.

As soon as the mercury preservative in vaccines was removed, the number of Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. So, I was just wondering if you people can help me out. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

Biosphere reserves - are protected environments that are recognized around the world for their conservation efforts and scientific skills. They help improve the environment and share information about conservation and the management of ecosystems. National Parks - are areas of special scenic, historical, or scientific importance set aside and maintained by a national government and in the United States by an act of Congress.

Wildlife Sanctuary - means a place of refuge for abused, neglected, unwanted, impounded, abandoned, orphaned, or displaced wildlife. The World Network of Biosphere Reserves is the collection of all biosphere reserves in countries as of May, Through appropriate zoning and management, the conservation of these ecosystems and their biodiversity is sought to be maintained.

The design of the reserve must include a legally protected core area, a buffer area where non-conservation activities are prohibited, and a transition zone where approved practices are permitted. This is done with regard for the sustainable use of natural resources for the benefit of local communities. This effort requires relevant research, monitoring, education and training. All the above are tools for implementing Agenda 21, the Convention on Biological Diversity and other international agreements.

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Apr 12,  · please be specific in your question field, people pass this and dont know if they qualify to answerStatus: Open.

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Feb 27,  · Hey, I'm having a ton of trouble with two questions from my maths homework. If anyone could show my how to go about doing them I'd be really grateful. Thanks! 1) a- write the equation 3sin^2 x + 4cos x in the form acos^2 x + bcosx + c b- hence, or otherwise, solve the equation 3sin^2 x + 4cosx - 4 = 0 where x is larger than Status: Resolved.

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Feb 19,  · A transferable skill are ones you learn which relate to various roles in life. For example, good writing skills are a transferable skill. (Points: 5) True False 2. Non-traditional sources of jobs include all but one of the following: (Points: 5) The local Chamber of Commerce College Placement Services Employment Agencies Resolved. Oct 05,  · Upload failed. Please upload a file larger than x pixels; We are experiencing some problems, please try again. You can Status: Resolved.

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May 13,  · Q. Elevation in boiling point was °C when 6g of a compound was dissolved in g of water. What is the molecular weight of the compound? K= K mol^-1 gH2O Ans. 60 g I m having trouble converting the units of K to standard. (T-T° = K * Molality) Do explain the process. Thank youStatus: Resolved. Apr 20,  · I AM ABSOLUTELY CLUELESS ON THESE 6 PROBLEMS WHOEVER AWNSERS THE MOST AND CORRECTLY I WILL CHOOSE AS BEST AWNSER!! THIS IS ONLY 6 PROBLEMS BY THE WAY (a) Estimate the area under the graph of f(x) = 9 + 4x2 from x = −1 to x = 2 using three rectangles and right endpoints. R3 = Then Status: Open.