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Syllabus organization The teaching routes have been removed. Standard Level learners now choose:. Paper 1 Paper 1 previously consisted of 3 prescribed subjects, each with its own exam. The new syllabus now includes 5 prescribed subjects , each consisting of 2 cross-regional case studies. Students must study one prescribed subject, and within that subject, they must study both of the cross-regional case studies.

Students will be examined on only one of the case studies; they may not compare and contrast. Conquest and its impact. The move to global war. Paper 2 Students previously had to study 2 out of 5 Twentieth Century topics and were examined via essay questions on each of their respective topics of study. Students now must choose 2 out of a total of 12 world history topics. Each topic studied must consider 2 different case studies.

The subject guide provides suggested examples of case studies. The new exam will include 2 questions per topic. Paper 3 Learners previously studied 1 of 4 HL options, and the teacher focused on 3 of 12 sections within that option. Students still choose 1 Higher Level option , of a choice of four, and teachers now choose 3 of 18 sections within that option.

The exam will consist of 2 questions from each topic section. Only historical figures and events named in the subject guide will be included on the exam. It is still evaluated out of a total of 25 possible marks. Identification and evaluation of sources. The Reflection should be about words long and in the History IA, the student might reflect on points like: The IA must be written in prose no bullet points and the examiner will stop reading at 2, words.

The new subject guide requires teachers to implement a concept-based approach , integrating 6 key concepts into learning. Helping learners to more clearly connect subject content to wider global themes, concept-based learning enables an active, student-centered approach. It promotes independent thought, strengthening achievement.

Developing big picture, trans-disciplinary skills is also a priority in the new guide. In IB History, this means creating a solid link between factual content, cross-disciplinary concepts and skills. There are 6 specific Approaches to learning skills you must develop:. The Paper 1 Prescribed subjects are two case studies and lead to the source-based Paper 1 examination. HL candidates must study one option from the following for 90 hours. Each option has twelve sections.

Candidates must study three sections. The remaining 20 hours for both SL and HL candidates comes from the internal assessment component, making a total of teaching hours for SL and hours for HL. The syllabus of the Economics course is divided into four sections — microeconomics , macroeconomics , international economics , and development economics — all of which receive approximately equal weight.

All sections must be studied by all candidates, and questions of all will be posed in examinations. The final exams consist of three papers for HL and two for SL. Paper 1 has consisted of multiple choice questions but has now been changed to answering one question from microeconomics and one question from macroeconomics, for each section one question is worth 10 marks and the other is worth 15 marks.

Paper 2 involves answering two data response questions, one from international economics and the other from development economics, each data response question is worth 20 marks. Paper 3 involves calculations only HL is required to do this paper. Internal assessment includes three commentaries of current news items involving the use of economic concepts and terminology. The focus of this course is the systematic study of behavior and mental process.

The program studies three main perspectives as influences on human behavior: It includes the examination of optional topics that include health psychology, abnormal psychology, developmental psychology, sports psychology and psychology of human relationships. Finally all students have to carry out their own experimental study as an internal assessment. Students at higher level study two options whereas standard level students study only one. First, students must choose an experiment to replicate.

When conducting the experiment, the IB demands that certain ethical guidelines be followed. The students are required to The external assessment, which is administered in May or November; the second year of the course is specially focused to the development of this assessment where the students are introduced to a variety of studies and the student is expected to draw connections between them.

The test is divided into two parts, which are referred to as "papers". Using the internal and external assessment, IB calculates a grade value of one through seven. Philosophy is offered both as a standard and higher level Group 3 subject. It consists of both internal assignment philosophical approach to an essay on current topic and 2 3 on higher level externally assessed exam papers on core and optional topics.

SL students are required to study one theme from the following list. HL students are required to study two themes from the following list. It explores the advantages and disadvantages of the access and use of digitized information at the local and global level.

ITGS provides a framework for the student to make informed judgments and decisions about the use of IT within social contexts. Practical computer work is conducted while researching for the project at Standard Level. As of exams starting in both HL and Sl students will take the Project. SL candidates study three themes - the core theme and two optional themes, while HL candidates study five themes - the core theme, three optional themes and the HL extension.

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Of the many GCSE/IGCSE revision sites on . Just as the faculty, staff and administration at Whitworth strive to be forthright, direct and honest and to value integrity in all their dealings, the university expects all students to function in like manner Use this page ib history coursework help as your ib history coursework help ib history coursework help guide to the best for revision and.

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Best Study Practices for IB History SL/HL During the School Year Look at related IB History past paper questions as you learn new material in class. Find IB History HL and IB History SL past papers, Free and Official, in our other article.

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Jo has taught IB History for 25 years in three international schools: Munich International School, United World College more School visits If you are interested in Jo Thomas, Keely Rogers & Safaruk Chowdhury visiting your school to work with teachers and/or students, please contact us. Understand the new IB History syllabus Help learners critically engage with and actively explore historical issues, developed directly with the IB for the revised syllabus. IB History Online Course Book: Oxford IB Diploma Programme. The only DP resources developed with the IB. Author Alexis Mamaux. Quantity Add to basket.