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❶Lack of funds should not prohibit the gifted child from playing on the team. Summer Program Reviews College Reviews.

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For instance, in alone, over one billion dollars were earned off the March Madness tournament Cheney-Rice, PolicyMic. Not one dollar of that billion went to the athletes who were playing, but all of the money went to the NCAA and the athletes schools. Although most student athletes have obtained scholarships, college athletes should also be financially compensated for the time and energy they put into their school athletic program, and for the money the colleges and universities generate off of their athletic performances.

Some people argue that college athletes should not be paid because of the wide disparity of money that each program generates for the school. Each sports program makes a percentage of money for the school, and basketball and football are usually the top earners. Athletes whose sports are more popular and generate a much more significant amount of money for their school, should not be punished for other sports and their lack of fans. All players, no matter what sport, should and can still be paid.

To do this, each program can pay their players with the money they make for their college or university. For example, the University of Texas football team made over If the school gave a very small percentage of that money, all of the players could be paid and the university would still make millions of dollars off of the team.

This system would be fair because all of the athletes would make the same percentage of money off of their respective program. The chart to the left, courtesy of Painttouches. None of those players are not getting paid; and they should be compensated for the money they bring into their respective school. Our company provides professional academic help for students all around the world. We have already helped thousands of students and established long-term cooperation with many of them.

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About Pay-to-Play 1. “Pay-to-Play” is a policy implemented by school districts to help cover the cost of extra-curricular activities, such as sports, clubs, cheer and dance, and even some honor programs. It dates back to the ’s although it became more popular in the late ’s and early ’s.

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Essay about Pay to Play: College Athletes Words | 5 Pages. 58 percent of people believe that college athletes should get paid to play compared to the 42 percent who think they should not get paid to play (

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Below is an essay on "Pay for Play" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Pay for Play There are many college athletes across the world that receives no type of money for the sports they play. Actually, it is illegal for them to receive any .

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pay for play Essays kids should stand up and say to these major colleges I will pay to play for you. In todays world its hard to make money and especially for college athletes because there is so many restrictions put on them and they have no way of making money but by the talent that the have been working on and trying to make it to the next.  Pay to Play For a while now there has been a heated debate on whether to play college athletes or not. Some people believe that a scholarship should be enough. Some people believe that a scholarship should be enough.