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Modern Scholarship, Rome and a Challenge

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JOE'S BUTLER for Everyone

My issue is, why would you have so much stuff you need to donate or sell?! Sure I cringe a little when I see a great coup, check my stock and realize I dont need it. But I do know that it will happen again.

Its the families with bottles of Gillette body wash at home that are the ones wiping shelves clean week after week. Instead of selling it, donating it or whatever just dont take it!!

Donate if you have a surplus… I have a hard time getting what I need at the stores in our area as it is.

Our shelves are always wiped clean of product. So I would not love to see people making money on the stockpiles…. I say who cares what other people do!!!! They put the time into getting the items, they can do what they want with it. Everyone needs to just mind their own business!!! Brooke S June 21, at I just started couponing a few months ago and I already have a stockpile.

Sorry to anyone that gets offended. How is that hurting the manufacture? The only way that the manufactire will get hurt is if you figure out a way to produce the item and sell it without them having any profit. Like copying CDs and selling them. Or downloading music without paying for it. Other then that the manufacture is not getting hurt. You purchased the item and you paid for it. Just be reasonable with your selling price since that manufarure was with you buy providing you with a coupon to start with.

But worse is the people that go into the store and steal the coupons. Or go to the newstand machine and steal the coupons out of all the newspaper and only pay for one. All that does is in the long run hurt all of us. If you are buying to resell that means you are trying to conduct a business and therefore need to have a valid re-sale permit and claim on your taxes. So I believe that reselling items to make money is wrong! If you got too much-donate! I mean at least she is not throwing the stuff aways or wasting it!

I find nothing wrong with it! I personally think that it is wrong to coupon for the purpose of resale. If you have that much of any item, donate it, gift it out or simply do not buy it. It is inconsiderate to make everyone else who wants the deal suffer just so you can make a buck or two.

There was a lady here that was banned from Walgreens. One of the shoppers at her Garage sale had seen her in Walgreens prior to her garage sale and then she seen all the items on a table.

She took pictures, went to Walgreens, and they banned her! Can Walgreens do that??? We reserve the right to refuse to sell products to you if it reasonably appears to us that you intend to resell said products. Verification of information may be required prior to our acceptance of any order.

We further reserve the right to limit quantities of items purchased by each customer. How is selling items from your stockpile any different from selliing items you recieved as gifts and never used? We see very clearly those who embrace capitalism vs.

The capitalists would say that if consumers have taken the time to clip their coupons and find the deals, which were absolutely attained ethically and legally, they should certainly be allowed to sell them if they choose. Others those who may have socialistic tendencies?

AND, I might add, it seems that some are harshly judging those who do sell their stock. They are ethically bankrupt! Okay, so maybe my views are becoming evident. Shelf-clearing, we can all agree, is rude. But beware of letting others decide for us when we have attained too much and must redistribute it. That scares me- a lot. Very well said Laurie!! I donate a lot, but I do keep a lot for my own use. Nothing wrong with that. I do sell items to my brothers though. So I make sure I put a little post it on most items to remind me what I paid for it.

They stop it and while the person is mad at me, more people get in on the deal. We are in a tricky financial situation with just the two of us, so I understand why someone would sell their stockpile. However I think it comes down to various morals. My personal morals would keep me from doing it because if I got something for cheap or free, I would rather donate it.

Not to mention the Red Cross takes personal item donations as well. While my personal morals would cause me to feel terrible for selling something I got from couponing, if you can do it and not feel bad about it, more power to you. However, do not clear shelves and ruin things for the rest of us. I live in a small town. I do my shopping at my local Walgreens.

Every week when I shop most of the items the shelves are all cleared. I usally get the last item or two on the shelves. Most stores have limited stock on hand. Always empty shelves where the sale items should be. There are SO many homeless and disabled veterans who are struggling to take care of themselves and their families.

And what better way to share than to those who have fought for our rights? I love this idea! She can use them at the PX and shares them with the other military families in her area. I love to coupon. Sometimes I buy more than I need.

I have a job with a flexible schedule so I can go out almost every day. I resell some of my things at our yard sales. I also make baskets for people who need it. I made one for a lady from church who lost her job. Another for a family who is struggling to pay bills with one income. Someone else might need it. I give out laundry soap to my family instead of them having to buy it. I may see a story shared on facebook about a family struggling. I take lots to them.

I agree that you should not clear the shelf. I also believe that once you buy that item it is yours, whether you used a coupon or cash to purchase it. If you purchase it with a coupon that you got in your news paper how is that any different than cash. That item is now yours bought and payed for in a legal manner. Why would a store be mad at this practice if they are still getting their money, be it a coupon or cash.

I see many Avon, Tastefully Simple, and the like products sold at garage sales that the people were obviously reps and selling inventory. How is it any different. Its their product, they were cut a deal on it, and they are selling it, and I am sure most are making something still on them or they would be giving them as gifts at their parties.

When I get something with a coupon for free, I still see it as I paid for it, I did the work to buy the paper, cut the coupon and organize it and take it to the store to use it. It is now my product and I can use it, gift it, donate it, or sell it like anything else I paid for with cash.

It is the reason I am in the business is to make money. And with couponing, I do it to save my family money and if I have too many of something, why not sell it to someone for a good deal and make a little for all my time and work. As you said it is no different than paying cash for a product then selling it. I am definitly not a shelf clearer but I do accumulate alot of stuff and my extras I give to friends and family and also sale some at my annual yard sale at alot cheaper than you would pay at the store and people are happy to pay that price it helps my family and also theirs!

I even tell people if they ask how I got all the new stuff that im a couponer and need to get rid of some of it noone seems to mind! Now that ive read the comments my opinion is….. I just dont get it lol.

This is a great topic! The items that I did sell, I got for free, or nearly free, and l did sell them to make me a profit, but the people that bought them still got a great deal. If she paid for them, or got them free with coupons, they are her items.

How can they prove that those items were from their store? He works hard for our money, I work hard to save our money. I am very torn on it. I fully agree with someone selling off their extras in that kind of situation and think they are showing initiative and working hard cause couponing is work to help themselves rather than expecting others to do it for them, but, I do not agree with the shelf clearers who stock up leaving nothing for others just so they can sell the stuff, especially if they are financially stable and just want play money or the thrill.

I would rather give it to someone or charity that would use it instead of selling it in a garage sale….. I believe if you have too much donate please. I get that you paid little or none for it but paying it forward is so much better.

If you can afford to have too much then give. Thats why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I went to a garage sale a few weeks ago and this lady was obviously a great coupon person.

The issue I had with this was that the items were the same price as new. I would have gladly purchased the Dawn for slightly less, but when it was the highest price that the soap ever is, well, I will wait for a sale at the store.

I am one of those people that believe that if you have it and want to sell it, fine sell it. It was yours, you paid for it, in time, in effort and money invested. I worked at a shelter here and they eat better and have plenty of donations from large corporations to fill their coffers. I am so glad that this was re-posted! My family has been struggling to stay afloat through a layoff and my going back to school. Thankfully I found couponing and it has been the ONLY thing keeping us from defaulting on every bill we have!

I do not clear shelves when I coupon, but I do order the amount that I need. What I do not use I give to my family, donate, and recently have decided that it is time to have a garage sale. With the fall semester looming close I need to figure out how to get school supplies, books, and gas to and from school, and if selling part of my stock pile ables me to purchase these needs then I will do so.

Their purpose are to get rid of items you no longer need or use. Clearing shelves is a good thing but price it at garage sale prices — not store prices. Then use the donation receipt on your taxes. I do it because my family needs the financial help that these help provide.

It was almost a cart full of deoderent! I get the stockpile thing. Then it has to be either donated to a shelter that feeds or thrown away. I agree with you about all of the perishable items. It is almost wastefull with freezers full of food that will undoubtedly go bad before they are used. That is why I am THE couponer of my family. When it is time for anyone in my family to go grocery shopping they stop buy my home first.

If I can get food for free then those I love will too, and my frozen stock pile never goes bad. I am also so glad to have caught this article.

I have a newborn in the hospital born 10 weeks early and to help with the stress i discovered couponing. Not only does it save us money on things we need, it keeps my mind occupied when things get stressed. Needless to say, I have started quite a little stockpile for my standards anyway and was wondering if it is ethical to sell them on ebay.

I was going to create a dollar store of sorts and whatever money i made would go back into the couponing. This is a touchy topic for me. As I believe you should donate if you have extra. However due to tough times and neither my husband or I having a job I have thought about having a garage sale to sell what little extra I have acquired just to put food on the table. Providing for your family comes first! Wow, it is a tough delimma.

Like many others, I am continuely frustrated by empty shelves. Luckily our Walgreens is not a 24 hour store so I was able to get there when the doors opened on Sunday and got every item I had on my list, mostly thanks to a woman who was gracious enough to let me have the 2 Cottenelle tp packs I wanted before she cleared the shelvles.

She was part of a tag-team that split their lists ahead of time so they would be sure they each got what they wanted. The question I had to myself was, were they buying up all the good deals for their own use, or for resale?

I guess if they were only buying all of that just to put it in a garage sale to make a profit, well, then my impression would have changed a bit. In my eyes they may have been taking away the opportunity for someone else, probably worse off than I am financially, to get in on the good deals. Early bird catches the worm? Maybe, but not everyone has the opportunity to get there early.

Maybe the stores should take some of the blame, they should know by now which items are going to fly off the shelves and be able to restock appropriately? I do agree that once someone makes a purchase they should be free to do with it as they please. Last I checked, it is still a free country. I just wish those people would be considerate of others before they clear the shelf. I think its BS to sell it at a garage sale. Thats a no-brainer for me, I think its ridiculous that people do that.

Thank you so much Chelsea! Save it at the store for people who will use it. Not only is it in caps on products but its there for a reason. Now, my favorite cashier informed me that not only did one lady buy them all, but she came back and recieved a raincheck for more.

Not saying that all people that pull things like this are reselling, but highly doubt they will be donating a bunch of razors and probably other things. Using donation as an excuse to buy more items is a cop out. I have similar problems at cvs, but considering cvs DOES have limits and you only get the perks for the number allowed its an easier place to shop. We have a local lady that does the same every week here…. Many people are unemployed and not making it now. I either have to decide if I can scrounge around to see if I can afford full retail or I have to do without.

I started couponing as a way to survive. I usually do my shopping early sunday mornings before the stock trickles out, so I know shelf clearing is going on hardcore in my area. Its definitely a very grey area.

I can provide my customers with cheaper items then they would normally pay and it helps support my family so I am ok with this. I was discussing this with my husband, he brought up a really good point…..

The manufacturers and stores that are producing and accepting the coupons are not being philanthropic in letting us use the coupons. Their ultimate goal is to make money and gain customers. They may have not paid for it, but they did the work, and all us couponers know, couponing is work! Live and let live….

There is nothing wrong with it, if people are getting the items for less than the store sells it, and you are still making a profit…who cares? My mom said there would probably be a lot of Nivea body wash at the flea market when that coupon was out.

If that is the case, then you should all quit being hypocrites and relinquish every single one of your luxuries to help everyone less fortunate than yourselves. For the shelf-clearers, I have this to say: The bottom line is this: I just wish people would MTOB!!!! I quality for government assistance, but am unwilling to actually sign up for it.

I work a full-time job and do what I can. If someone I know needs something, I give it to them. And one day I hope to be at the point that I can afford to buy extra items and donate them to my local food pantry that has helped me in my time of need. I have mixed feelings about it also but I think it is not the right thing to do. I try not to get stuff that I do no need with coupons others who need it can get them. The thing is that we spend money on newspapers and gas to drive to stores and printer paper and ink so why should we not get some money back.

I do not think I would sell the stuff at a garage sale I would perfer to donate but others might need the money and it is there stuff to sell if they want to.

How is it ethically ok to get something for FREE and get a tax write off on it by donating it? We held a garage sale this past summer. At the garage sale, we sold all kinds of items that we cleaned out. And yes, some of the items in our garage sale were from our stockpile!

Our family originally want to send a large portion of our stockpile to Joplin, Missouri to assist tornado victims. However, that was not a need for the victims seeing as most in need no longer had a home!

Instead, we sold these items so that we could send them money. Every penny that we made from the garage sale went to a church in Joplin, Missouri to assist tornado victims. Be careful before you judge. People may just be trying to help others out. I think it is a great way to help ppl get a good price on stuff.

Not everyone has the time or patience to coupon and it gives them a chance to save also. I find that if you wait until a week or even a few days before the coupon expires you are more likely to get the item. Since a lot of coupons only allow 4 items per transaction, I have just made it a habit to only add 4 of each item to my stock pile. The world of buying selling all works on the same principal.

Buy low sell high. I also resale items online that I buy at yard sales, thrift stores and Goodwill. It is how the world works. In the end, the companies and the stores that sell these products make tens of millions of dollars. If it hurting them if you resell the items for pennies compared to what they are making? Yep I do, it goes into my business fund. There are a lot of people that use ebay like a yard sale. I see nothing wrong with selling anything you own for money.

There are those that sell wine corks on ebay. These days you can sell anything. No it shouldnt matter. Couponing is very time consuming, and if people want to sell their goods then go for it!! Like you said, it is no different than the vendors you see at fairs and carnivals.

Do you really think they paid the same price for that can of pepsi that you are buying it for? Everyone is struggling to make a buck these days. I personally am over all the bs that goes with couponing and have not done it for several months now. I live in a small town and the shelves are ALWAYS cleared, and most usually by the very people heading our local coupon groups.

Walgreens had no business banning that customer either. I am a couponer and I do it to save my family money…but this idea of buying extra and reselling it to make ends meet is ludicrous. There are jobs out…maybe not your ideal ones but there are jobs. The politics behind couponing has become ridiculous. I guess I have a different theory behind my couponing…I do it in small doses to help stretch our budget.

I start again in January. Any couponer that has a stockpile has earned it. Many times over in fact. Couponers clear shelves because they may have gone to the store 4 or 5 times and the items were gone.

When they finally find some ,their coupons are near the expiration date ,so they take whats there. Real couponers know that people that have a lot of coupons to fill either have bought multiple papers, have multiple computers ,or have purchased coupons. Couponing is a blast ,but when non couponers or alleged moderate couponers are sleeping or having fun ,we extremes are scanning the sites ,clipping or making trips to the stores.

People that cry about mt shelves should direct their attention to the maufacturers and the stores for their inability to meet customer demand. People are suffering and couponing is a survival technique. Sorry us newbies have inconvenienced you. See you in the mt isles.

Most manufacturers clearly state at the bottom of their coupons items purchased with coupon are not for resale. A lot of our extreme couponers are defrauding both manufacturers and retailers. Costing people their jobs and raising the costs on everyone else.

Also, many companys are now starting to partner with manufacturers and IRS to put an end to this and to track down the big defrauders. If you are making money and not reporting the income on your IRS statement — lookout! Well, our company is working with the police, manufacturer and District attorneys to prosecute these people for fraud. Be productive and stop trying to scam!!!!

Teaming with the IRS? What misinformed no it all told you this? Please, next time you see a stockpile sale hurry and call the IRS and tell on them. Then listen as the agents laugh at you behind their hands. Taxes are based on profit, and because coupons are considered legal tender there is very rarely any profit. You may not like that answer, but it is what it is. Unless You explicitly state otherwise, any Contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the Work by You to the Licensor shall be under the terms and conditions of this License, without any additional terms or conditions.

Installing and Setting up the Machine This chapter provides information for the administrator of this machine, such as part names, cable connection, and software installation. Power Off page Connect the cable to the machine. Connect the LAN cable to the network interface connector.

Connect the other end of the cable to the hub. Connect the other end of the cable to the PC. Wait more than 5 seconds, and then turn on the power switch. NOTE The factory default login user name and login password are set as shown below. Login User Name Login Password Menu Login Enter the login password using the numeric keys and press the [OK] key. Text Character Entry Method page You can set any value between and The entry method is the same method as the IP address.

The following is an introduction to the settings for connecting using the Quick Setup. If a further period of time elapses without the machine being used, the machine automatically enters sleep mode, which minimizes power consumption. If user login administration is disabled, the user authentication screen appears. Enter a login user name and password, and press [Login]. Message display and all indicators on the operation panel will go out to save a maximum amount of power except the [Energy Saver] indicator.

Low Power Timer Sleep Level Error Handling Date Setting This is a utility that enables monitoring of the machine on the network. Status Monitor This is a utility that monitors the printer status and provides an ongoing reporting function. For details on Custom Installation, refer to Custom Install on page If the computer fails to detect the machine, verify that it is connected to the computer via a network or USB cable and that it is turned on and click Reload.

Select the device to be installed. The following buttons can be used. This changes the display to icon and text display. Use this to select multiple items. If the desired device does not appear, press this button to directly select the device.

When "Your software is ready to use" appears, you can use the software. To print a test page, click the "Print a test page" checkbox and select the machine. Click [Finish] to exit the wizard. Select [Uninstall Kyocera Product Library] in the search list.

Bonjour on page Double-click the [Kyocera] icon. Double-click [Kyocera OS X x. Select [Default] and click the item that appears in "Name". Select the driver in "Use". Instructions are based on interface elements as they appear in Windows 7. This section explains how to access Command Center RX, and how to change security settings and the host name. Launch your Web browser. Select a category from the navigation bar on the left of the screen.

From the [Security Settings] menu, select the setting you want to configure. For details, see Setup and Registration System Menu page Enter the device information, and then click [Submit]. To restart the network interface card, click [Reset] in the [Management Settings] menu, and then click To use this function, this machine must be connected to a mail server using the SMTP protocol.

Display the E-mail Settings screen. From the [Function Settings] menu, click [E-mail]. Enter the destination information. Enter the information for the destination you want to register. The fields to populate are the same as when registering via operation panel.

Select the document you wish to print. Select the checkbox of the document to be printed. This section explains how to transfer data between our products. Select the model you want to back up, and click [Next]. Load the Address Book data. Right-click on the model name to which you want to transfer the Address Book, and select Preparation before Use This chapter explains the following operations.

Using the Operation Panel Enter numbers and Displays the function menu for copy, symbols. Displays the Document Box screen.

Original size Paper orientation Quiet Paper Original orientation Paper size Paper source Help Screen If you have difficulty operating the machine, you can check how to operate it using the operation panel. When [Help] is displayed on the message display, press [Help] to display the Help screen.

For the paper load methods for each cassette, refer to the page below. Fan the paper, then tap it on a level surface. In addition, note the following points. Adjust the position of the paper width guides located on the left and right sides of the cassette. Press the paper width adjusting tab and slide the guides to the paper size required. NOTE When the size dial is set to "Other" the paper size must be set into the machine on the operation panel.

Specify the type of paper loaded in the cassette using the operation panel. Paper sizes are marked on the multi purpose tray.

Insert the paper along the paper width guides into the tray until it stops. After removing new paper from its packaging, fan the paper before loading it in the multi purpose tray. NOTE When the printing on envelopes is completed, return the envelope lever to its original position at the bottom.

Open the rear cover. For the procedure for printing, refer to the Printer Driver User Guide. When printing the address. Open the flap Close the flap. Return postcard Cardstocks Portrait form To change the type of paper to be used in cassettes, specify the paper size and media type setting. Specify the media type. NOTE If there is a workgroup in System Properties, configure the settings below to limit folder access to a specific user or group.

Click the [Advanced Sharing] button. Make sure that the [Sharing] tab is selected. If the computer name that you made a note of on page Making a note of the computer name and full computer name on page is the same as the domain name: If the computer name is not shown in "From this Select the [Security] tab. Select the user you entered. If the user does not appear on "Group or user names", click [Edit] button to add user in a similar way of step 2 Configure permission Check file and printer sharing.

Select [Allow the connection] and click the [Next] button. The saved destinations can be changed. The destinations are available for Send as E-mail, Send to Folder, and Fax Transmission only on products with the fax function installed.

Enter the information for each item and press the [OK] key. You can select any available number out of numbers for contacts and 50 numbers for groups. Menu Select the destination to be registered in the group from the destinations registered in the contact addresses and press the [OK] key.

Address Book Print List A maximum of 22 destinations can be registered. Select the One Touch Key to edit or delete. Press the One Touch Key to edit or delete and hold it 2 seconds or more.

Printing from PC This chapter explains the following topics: Click "Print size" men8u and select the paper size to use for printing. To load the paper of size that is not included in print sizes of the machine such as cardstock or envelopes, the paper size needs to be registered. The registered size can be selected from the "Print size" Description [Quick Print] tab To learn about print settings, open the printer driver print settings screen and display Help as explained below.

This function enables you to connect and print to any AirPrint compatible device without installing a printer driver. To allow the machine to be found when printing by AirPrint, you can set machine location information in Command Center RX. The procedure is as follows. Sub Address Box Polling Box Print Delete Specify the number of copies to print as desired, and press the [OK] key.

Press [Yes] in the confirmation screen. A checkmark will be placed on the right of the selected file. Select the checkmarked file and press [Select] again to cancel the selection. You can set up an access code as necessary. If you set up an access code, enter the access code when printing. Print data will be stored in the Stored Job Box after printing. User 01 User Activating Quick Copy and printing a document using the printer driver allow the print data to be stored in the Quick Copy Job Box.

When additional copies are required, you can reprint the required number of copies from the operation panel. Printing a multiple-print job in Proof and Hold using the printer driver allows only a single copy to be printed while maintaining the document data in the Job Box. Operation on the Machine This chapter explains the following topics: Align it flush against the original size indicator plates with Put the scanning the back left corner side facedown.

Both sides of two-sided originals are scanned. Originals Supported by the Document Processor The document processor supports the following types of originals. Put the side to be scanned or the first side of two-sided originals face-up. Slide the leading edge into the document processor as far as it will go. Please check the number before contacting your Service Representative. The following functions are already registered in [Program I] key. Press the one of the [Program I] to [Program IV] keys where you want to register the settings and hold it 2 seconds or more.

The current settings are registered to the selected program key. Confirming the Registered Program The settings of the registered program can be confirmed by recalling the program. Functions can be easily configured by pressing the Select key. The following functions are available: Press the [Copy] key. Original size Paper size Quiet Paper Check the original size and the paper size.

Specify the desired number up to Press the [Start] key. Press the [Stop] key with the copy screen displayed. The [Job Cancel List] menu appears.

The current print job is temporarily interrupted. In order to do this, it is necessary to register the sender and destination recipient address on the network. A network environment which enables the machine to connect to a mail server is required in order to send E-mail.

If God had meant for us to use eBay , no one would ever get negative feedback! Click here to see them! Not all Radio Attic sellers are listed on this page.

The Featured Sellers area highlights those sellers who regularly add new radios to their pages; sellers are listed alphabetically. Here is another one of a kind radio design! This Abbotwares "Horse with Saddle" is seldom seen, and when found is usually missing its saddle.

It came from the estate of a Doctor in Auburn, Maine, who collected only the best of each radio. The radio plays well. A Thomas Sams Photofact publication, first edition, first printing This book explains the uses of Lasers and Masers and their applications.

Masers in their fundamental action are completely different then vacuum tubes or transistors, while electronics abound with many new techniques and applications, most of these are modifications of pre-existing knowledge and do not represent revolutionary ideas. The Maser is an entirely new concept. Noise-Free amplifiers and ultra-stable signal sources are just two Maser applications.

A special type of Maser, called the Laser, is a light amplifier and source of coherent light; it is a spectacular by product and the first ever produced by man. The pictures in this guide were made to portray certain specific points noted in the title of each page withe a brief description adjacent to each picture.

Very attractive lighted dial. The unique styling, bold use of color, and dramatic marbleizing place these radios in a class by themselves. The case is great, no damage. It has its label on the bottom of the radio. It never came with a back. It plays great; "has been restored. This seldom found plastic model is cute as a button with a crisp dial and gorgeous marbleized knobs. That allowed the designers to carve a convenient carry handle into the back and eliminate the usual flimsy cardboard back.

Oddly, this radio has no dial lamp for illuminating the dial at nighttime. Bakelite with creamy white Plaskon trim. This Art Deco radio features the famous "waterfall" speaker grille. The highly marbleized cabinet has one small hairline stress line on the left back side in the trim as seen in the picture. All else is in great condition. Even the original knobs are marbleized. I will be happy to send more photos if requested. The chassis has been gone through.

When turned on it plays and sounds good. No cracks or scratches. Please look at the photo, email me with any questions. Five-tube radio in great condition with no cracks, hairlines, or repairs. It has been restored and plays excellent. The radio has its original back and label. A very attractive radio. Has a tight hairline top of radio middle towards the back 1".

The beetle marbleization makes it very hard to see. The case has no repairs. It has been restored and plays very well. It has its original back, dial, and knobs. Bottom label is missing, so determining the model number required some research. One tiny chip can be seen in the photos. The four-tube design might have only marginal performance in a basement unless you are in an area with good signal strength.

There is no provision for an external antenna. It has been fully serviced new capacitors, resistors checked, tubes tested and replaced as necessary, and aligned. Color is actually pale pink. No scratches or cracks. Marks on the gold area on top are part of the design not scratches. Electronics restored filter caps replaced. AC plug marked for polarized input. The cabinet retains the original ivory luster seldom seen in radios over 70 years old.

The teeny dial has a fascinating gold reptilian appearance. The cardboard back is present and in very nice shape. I purchased this little jewel from the famous Radiophile collection.

It plays great and will be a incredible addition to any radio collection. Cabinet on this very small radio is in excellent condition. Dial scale has been replaced along with capacitors, weak tubes and the power cord. Employing the top "modern" designers of the day, Airline radios were known for their unique designs and high quality construction.

This original finish ivory white, Bakelite tabletop is chock full of charming appeal. It is hard to find an example of this radio in such nice original condition. Furnished with ultra-modern preset buttons, this little chump featured cutting edge technology for This well designed radio has a big sound in a small package.

With the flip of a switch you can enjoy the unmistakable warm rich audio that only tube technology can deliver. The back of the radio is as I have had it for many years in my collection. Reproduction backs are available online. This five-tube AM radio has had all period capacitors replaced, all tubes checked and replaced. All controls have been cleaned and lubed to operate as new and a new cord has been added. Comes with a one-year warranty on the electrical restoration.

It has been completely recapped and has a new power cord. The brown Walnut case is in excellent condition without any cracks, chips or scratches.

It has a built-in wire-wound antenna for great reception all across the dial. I have added an extra wire antenna for enhanced reception. The dial is nicely lighted and it is a beautiful matte gold color. The push buttons work as designed. Someone was probably listening to the news about the attack on Pearl Harbor on this radio. Fully restored for safe, reliable use. All paper capacitors and electrolytic capacitors have been replaced with high quality modern replacements.

Tubes replaced as needed as well as any other defective parts. Please review my testimonials page to get an idea of the quality restorations I do. I have completely restored it, replacing all of the older paper and wax type capacitors with newer longer lasting ones. Also replaced the old style electrolytic capacitors which cause that hum that you hear in older radios when they go bad.

All the tubes have been checked on my tester and I have replaced any of the bad ones with new, all circuits checked and working properly now and the radio sounds as nice as it looks. There are separate dial windows for tone and volume, plus it has a tuning strength indicator window at the top.

Doors close to protect to the dial and grille area. The factory was Wells-Gardner, who made terrific radios, and this was made exclusively for Montgomery Wards. The radio is a sophisticated eight-tube super-het that plays on AM and SW. There are quite a number of deluxe features to detail. Note the tone controls and the highly detailed multi-colored dial which measure a huge 9 inches. The radio sports a brand new eye tube, which winks with great sensitivity as you tune from station to station.

Les has done his completely professional repairs and between the highly sophisticated engineering and the massively sized cabinet, the radios sings like few others. The cabinet retains the original finish, very acceptable with only a subtle blemish on the top right side near the back see photo.

Built on a chrome chassis, with some accumulation of tarnish this is one of the finest playing table radios you could wish to own. This set because of size and weight is going to cost more in shipping. Beautiful black Bakelite AM radio from The cabinet is in wonderful condition with no chips or cracks.

Chassis has been serviced and plays well across the entire dial. The tuning eye has been replaced and is very strong. The radio sports a unusual tuning feature which was the rage in the later part of the thirties decade. Fashioned like a old fashion telephone dial, you could "dial up" your favorite station.

Before we went to touch tone phones everything had a circular dial. The cabinet has been beautifully refinished with accurate reproduction speaker cloth. Contained within is a six-tube super-het chassis that is very selective. There is a brand new eye tube which winks as you fine tune in the stations. Les has completed his professional repairs and the radio should perform as new for decades to come. The cabinet has been refinished using toners and a semi-gloss lacquer.

The chassis plays well with fresh capacitors, checked resistors, alignment and a replacement power transformer sometime in its past. Needs a long wire antenna for reception.

Only 11"W x 7"H x 6"D. Totally original finish and what appears to be original grille cloth as well. This is a battery set that plays very, very well off a power supply built from an old computer power supply. Look at the brightness of the eye tube which works very, very well as it should. Eye tube is rather rare for a battery set. This is a true classic all the way around and plays great on both BC and SW bands. Notice it still has complete factory sticker in top inside of cabinet and factory inspection cardboard tag attached.

The grille slots wrap around two sides and the dial position is read from the tuning knob on the other. The mechanical type push-buttons are set by loosening the screw on that knob. The radio has no back, but the case is nearly flawless, with no cracks or chips, and the five tube superhet chassis has been serviced and plays well.

The dial is crystal clear and not lighted. It looks like Mom just brought it home from the Wards store. Six tubes and the internal antenna pull in stations extremely well. The dial is beautiful and nicely lighted. It has been completely gone through and all of the old capacitors have been replaced with new ones, all tubes checked too.

The reception is excellent surprisingly strong for such a little set. The Walnut Bakelite case is in very good condition without chips, cracks or scratches. AM reception, five tubes. Case is in great condition without any cracks or chips and a new black finish. All components have been tested and replaced where bad or weak. Dial works as designed. Receives stations along the dial.

Will be expertly packed and promptly shipped with full insurance. A fairly nice working radio too for such a small set, it brings in stations clear and with plenty of volume. Only 8"W x 6"H x 4"D. It looks like Dad just brought it home from the Montgomery Wards store. Five tubes and the internal antenna pull in stations extremely well. It has no cracks or chips or dents or hairlines. It has two tiny dings on metal top portion but these are not much at all.

It is without cracks or chips but has plenty of shine! The original matching control knobs are excellent. The station control is trimmed in gold-toned metal. The five tube AM only chassis plays well. Comes with an excellent original imprinted hardboard back.

Its cabinet has been cleaned polished and the electronics have been restored. The tuning eye lights up green. The grille cloth on top has been replaced. Please see all photos. Email me with any questions. They were not a maker, but designed and contracted their products from some of the better factories and contract manufacturers. This happens to be a very rare radio.

The radio is never found and very seldom seen. Note the name came from the highly deco cut out grille. The radio is subtly shaped in a slightly curved cabinet. The condition is outstanding with a terrific factory finish, and all of the factory installed parts. You will be delighted with the originality and performance from the six-tube super-het chassis.

I bought this at auction out of the famous Mark Stein collection. In forty five years of active collecting, I had never seen another available to own. My technician has done all of the repairs necessary and the radio is a real performer.

If you collect deco radios, in fine original condition, you would be hard pressed to find a better set to add to your collection. Before you are one of them, as it is so scarce I have seen only this one. The radio is so distinctive with the dramatic tulip shaped grille and it has a motor drive allowing the preset of your favorite channels with a push of the button change.

The radio is a six-tube model playing on both AM and Shortwave. The cabinet was refinished by a previous owner and the speaker cloth is an accurate replacement. The balance of the radio is factory original. Les has completed his professional repairs and the radio is a fine player.

The motor works great and the radio is like it left the factory. This is a broadcast and shortwave set that plays nicely. This radio plays well with four "C" cell batteries. It also includes the original box and Styrofoam insert. It has a straight telescoping antenna, which swivels at the base. The first rod of the antenna is present but detached. However, the antenna can still be used and is not bent. Cosmetically this radio is in very nice condition.

There are no cracks, chips or dents. No cracks or chips or dents or hairlines. Leather case is in good shape, too. Super solid set, high quality and built well. This one works great with two "AA" batteries. There are no cracks or chips or hairlines. Grille has easy to miss, subtle concave push bottom center.

They take 9 volt batteries. Go outside this spring, run around in a field or forest with friend or spouse, and re-live your youth with these nifty devices! Five tubes; inspected, new AC cord, other was brittle. Very small dent front bottom of plastic chrome and small hairline bottom right corner almost undiscernible.

Plays very well; a neat seldom seen version. And, just like Sears and Wards, Aldens contracted with radio manufacturers to create their own private branded radios.

The stepped cabinet design on this radio is very unique and eye pleasing. It still has the high gloss finish desired by all collectors. I purchased stunning little gem directly from the owner of the famous Radiophile collection Google "Radiophile antique radios" to read more. This radio plays very well because it was restored by the Radiophile master himself.

It works great and has good sound for its size. Both antennas are straight. This is a wonderful book filled with projects for the radio experimenter. Projects from building a crystal set to a three tube broadcast receiver.

With diagrams and schematics. Cook and published by Allied Radio Corp. Has tuning eye and nicely lit multi-colored dial! Kerchner and George F. This page hard cover book is in good condition. The clock face has some wear and discoloration as shown. Otherwise this set is in excellent original condition including the clock, knobs, grille cloth and finish. In addition it has been fitted with a full set of globe style tubes and a new cloth covered cord.

The radio and clock have been serviced and both work well. A beautiful example of this rarely seen table top clock radio. This is a nice American Bosch radio. It looks and sounds good.

The dial lights up. The cabinet looks to have been restored. This is a two-band, six-tube, low profile model that plays well on both bands with short antenna wire. Of course, most short-wave is evenings nowadays.

Each band in its dial is color coded to match the band switch position. The chassis is broken up into two parts to isolate noise from the power supply.

The lower section is for audio and power and the upper section for radio circuits. It produces a big sound because it puts out 20 watts of sound through the inch speaker. The cabinet features light and dark contrasted veneers and a detailed inlay at the top. The recessed speaker grille provides interest to the look. Paint missing on knobs. Receives stations but hums between stations.

Displays reasonably well as it is. Good label on back of speaker frame. This grand looking Georgian styled Secretary Desk hides a great sounding transistor radio. Uses 9 volt battery. Nice cathedral styling with original grille cloth. Produces lots of clear audio. Made in Japan probably 60s This is not the cheap plastic replica made later in 90s. Works great, guaranteed as advertised. Grab one for your radio room or shop! Packaged with mounting screws. Fits narrow switches only. Uses long wire antenna, uses ohm speaker or headphones.

Three grid leak resistors and one tube replaced. Plays well for such an old radio. Rare model before Apex was sold to U. Radio or Case Co. Rebuilt chassis plays very well. This APEX three-dialer is from the model year. The cabinet was restored beautifully and is an attractive display piece. One interstage transformer had been replaced when I bought it tests good. The other original interstage transformer has an open primary so will need to be replaced or bypassed with an RC circuit.

Both original transformer cans are still installed, and I think small replacement transformers could be inserted in them. No tubes are included, but I do have them available if needed. A real space age look. The radio plays great and the tape player is working. Good condition, page paperback. Good condition, page paperback in good condition. These directories are for years, to Radio is clean and has no cracks or chips or dents or hairlines.

Works well, but uses an obsolete cylindrical 9-volt type Eveready Leather case is in good shape. Near perfect condition and working very well with 9-volt battery banana clipped in.

Takes "" battery, therefore will need buyer to tack in a modern 9 volt for daily operation. Includes a Hoppy Comic Book in wonderful condition, a hard back book from in very good condition and all pages, and a good legible operating booklet repro to help complete this wonderful collectible from days long gone.

Please see the last photo for the extras that compliment the working Hoppy radio. It has the original back. The paint is in overall very good condition with very few imperfections that should show in pics. Radio has been serviced and plays well across the entire dial. Freshly painted in a mint green. This has a reproduction back and has been serviced.

The stamped steel cabinet has been repainted in the original ivory color. The chassis has new capacitors, checked tubes and resistors, and the original power cord. Plays well when the attached short wire antenna is unfolded. Only 7"W x 5"H x 4"D. Can you believe it! Where does that boy get all those old chocolate brown swirled Bakelite Arvins? I search long and hard to find these beauties! As usual, it has been electronically reconditioned with new paper and electrolytic capacitors with all out of tolerance resistors replaced.

The five tubes are strong. It still has the metal protector in the back as well as you can see in the photo. Original paint in good condition with only a couple of "flea-bite" nicks. Machine-age styling through and through, unusual configuration with the dial on the left and the speaker on the right. It retains its original ivory paint job, with a few nicks and dings and spots of wear that give it a nice patina -- not bad enough to repaint by any means.

The Bakelite below the paint has no chips or cracks. The power cord is original and is in decent condition. It will receive my usual extremely careful and thorough packing job. This is a great chance to own an iconic little set for a very decent price. The dial is nicely lighted. The gorgeous Bakelite case surrounds the entire radio and has been hand polished with high quality polishes. Tubes are replaced as needed as well as any other defective parts. Additionally, the tuning dial design is striking as well.

The Bakelite cabinet retains its original finish with no chips, cracks or issues. The cardboard backing is in great condition. A prior owner restored the chassis and it plays great. Blake went through his usual replacement of all capacitors, out-of-tolerance resistors, power cord, bad tubes and completed an alignment for peak performance. Gary did a great job repainting this radio. A beautiful radio for any collection!

Cabinet is in excellent shape. It has been restored with all new electrolytic capacitors and all the wax capacitors have been replaced as well. Cabinet is in very good condition with a nice sound across the entire dial. Original back with tube layout in perfect condition. Though this glossy Bakelite cabinet appears jet black under all but the most intense direct light, it is actually a dark chocolate brown with subtle black swirling.

The unpainted tan control knobs are excellent. The gold patterned foil center of the tuning dial is perfect! They sit nicely on a checkerboard cutout grille.

Comes with the original Masonite back in great condition. This is a really beautiful mid century clock radio that is rarely seen. It has metal steering wheel knobs and a modern silver faced clock with gold numerals. It is super clean with very little wear to the paint and it plays with clear sound. The three grille bars are found on all Rhythm series sets.

This is a four-tube set, AM only. Restored electronically, and has surprising reception for an entry level set. Petite at 12"H x 9"W x 8"D. Chassis rebuilt and plays strong across the dial. Good wiring labels for easy hook up to your power supply. This set plays and displays superbly! It is in great condition. This radio is untested but is so nice it probably works but is a battery operated radio and comes without the six 01A type tubes. The gloss you see on the radio is the original finish but it does have one very small amount of corrosion on the bottom of the face plate see photos.

Please email me for more pictures. I have priced this set very reasonably. It does come with my usual 30 day unconditional warranty. Speaker is in very nice condition; minor scratches, but does not work. Radio works perfect on ohm headphones or speaker. Uses long wire antenna. Received several stations when I tested at 90V reduced voltage. Electrically repaired not restored by someone else.

Solid cabinet appears professionally refinished. Grille cloth looks original; speaker excellent. I hate to part with this beauty but I need fewer radios! The gracefully peaked front, flanked with exotic zebra-wood veneer and twisted side pilasters, combined with the Gothic-style grille cut-outs and a brass escutcheon that mimics the upper arch, puts this firmly among collector favorite radios.

It is an AC-powered seven-tube superhet covering the standard broadcast band. Like all the Atwater Kent cathedral radios, it is highly coveted by collectors. It has been restored inside and out, performs very well, needs a short wire antenna included. A complete tuneup with all new capacitors, tubes and resistors checked and replaced as needed, was performed. The cabinet was expertly restored with nitro-cellulose lacquer and looks super; there are no veneer repairs.

Grille cloth and knobs are original, speaker is original and in very good condition. Chassis is very clean and pics are available, just email me. Aux input cable was added so you can plug in an iPod, CD player, etc.

An excellent addition to any collection! Excellent original grille cloth, speaker cone, and cabinet finish. Displays and plays super! The company had a fine reputation for making the finest radios of this era.

These fine electronics were the most advanced of the early super-het era, and the factory made some of the finest cabinets as well.

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